GRP Advisor Alliance

Making a Difference for Millions of Americans with Qualified Plans.
Committed to Improving Participant Outcomes.


Who we are

GRP Advisor Alliance believes you can never stand still. You always have to be moving, looking for the next opportunity to provide plan sponsors and participants incredible value. The GRP Advisor Alliance leadership team is forward looking, seeking out trends in the industry before they’ve become trends, and broadening their offerings to provide member firms true innovation and value.
Bill Chetney, CEO, and Christopher Giles, President, collectively have decades of experience working together with retirement plan and wealth management advisors; building programs, systems, and investment to meet the every changing landscape. Their background and passion for staying one step ahead of the industry helps ensure that GRP Advisor Alliance advisors, plan sponsors, and participants are offered programs that help ensure future success.
GRP Advisor Alliance fills a gap experienced by many advisors in the industry and provides scale that would otherwise be difficult to achieve on your own. By working together with GRP Advisor Alliance and like-minded member firms, you have more power to shape your business and realize your vision and goals.

What we do

GRP Advisor Alliance provides a suite of programs and services designed to help advisors set themselves apart from the competition, deliver differentiated offerings to their clients, join a community that values best-practice sharing, and is not only the best in the industry, but the best for the industry




Bill Chetney, GRP Advisor Alliance

American businesses and employees need help creating a secure financial future. My team and I are committed to looking forward – working closely in partnership with retirement plan advisors, their clients, and plan providers – to deliver the most innovative and effective programs and services in the marketplace.